About me

Color + Shape + Pattern = Me

       As an international student, born in Seoul, South Korea I came to America with high passion, and an eagerness to further my artistic expression. I started my journey at Brookhaven College, where I studied painting, drawing and academic courses. I then transferred to the University of Texas at Dallas to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Art and Performance.  I am currently studying at the University of North Texas for my master's degree with focus on drawing and painting.

      I make art about color, shape, and pattern. I study color and pattern to learn about different cultures and nature. Color theory is often used in my work in portraying growth and change. Color is the visual perceptual property corresponding in humans. I try to evoke pictorial structure, spatial tensions and color relationships.

      I am working towards a time base abstract painting that changes and evolves with varieties of colors, shapes, and patterns. My goal is to make art that delights, is pleasurable, and is self-sustaining. Painting is my choice because it is a mode of expression with numerous forms.