Artist Statement

     From an early age I was inspired by traditional Korean artwork, the beauty of mainstream Korean culture, as well as many multicultural contemporary artists. As an international student, born in Seoul, South Korea and coming to America, it was with high expectations, passion, and an eagerness to further my artistic expression. The journey started at Brookhaven College with drawing and painting as well as academic courses, then I transferred to the University of Texas at Dallas where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Art and Performance. I am currently working for my MFA at the University of North Texas. 
     My inspiration comes from the Korean Chosun period (1392-1910) traditional folk art, or Minwha, that is characterized by its general simplicity and purity. There is a similar place of harmony in the themes of my work which is also influenced by Beatriz Milhazes and the Pattern and Decoration movement; noting Beatriz’s vibrant use of color and patterns and translating it with my own interpretation of the playful, rhythmic, geometric and psychedelic qualities.
     Many different cultural ideas of color and form, as well as my own culture appear in my interdisciplinary work: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and photography are used to discover new way to express my ideas.  Some of my new works involve mixed media, broadening my style by incorporating visual themes of patterns and shapes.
     My recent works use more patterns and shapes, with a little less color than my earlier style. My work combines geometric pattern and with the characteristics of organic pattern and forms from different culture and nature. Studying cultural ideas of pattern and shape is useful for expressing myself. I discover the familiar or strange in elegant patterns. In my work I choose flowers, trees, leaves, fruit, and some animals from nature, and I modify their shapes. The viewer engages with the piece by allowing their own visual, culture experiences to influence their view of the outcome of the form and its future possibilities.  
     My decision to research patterns and shapes from different cultures and nature has stemmed from my interest in the narrative quality and variety of geometric and organic ideas in patterns; into which I metamorphose into variations of the original images.
     The subject for my work is always evolving and flowing, very much like the organic shapes that are detailed and creatively fascinating. There is a theme of the passage of time utilizing colors which blend the Minwha style, American pop art and contemporary art that describes my works.