Teaching Philosophy

  Teaching Philosophy: Ability and Creativity    

        As a teacher my goal is to help the students develop as artists. Students have a lot of possibilities so I would stimulate and challenge enough to students with new possibilities and ideas. I will provide a certain place for the student to express their ideas in their work.

       The studio arts courses should focus on encouraging the development of critical skill with a few critiques and the interchange of ideas in class. Students will continue to develop technical skills taught with added emphasis on composition and content.

      The students will work with each other as well as myself; they can interact their ideas and thought of works in my classroom. I believe in the interaction between students and teacher from within the classroom, because art is influenced by cultural and social ideas. I will be able to provide students with invaluable tools to create art, and share my experiences with students.

      My goal is that studio arts study results in the students obtaining personal completeness of sharing visually and verbally. I want to encourage students to grow their ability and creativity to make their arts better. I also want to encourage an in-depth academic experience, welcoming culture and close student-faculty ties.